For students interested in careers in business and management having a global perspective is essential in today’s international market place. In service of this need, an increasing number of institutions are offering students exciting opportunities to earn their degree whilst attending multiple campuses/institutions in different countries.

Students are not only able to become fluent in the business fundamentals over a range of countries, but also acquire proficiency in new languages.

Here are some of the leading programmes currently on offer:


University of Southern California – Hong Kong University of Science and Technology – Bocconi University

World Bachelor in Business

Students start the programme in Los Angeles, spend the second year in Hong Kong, and their third in Milan before deciding which of the three institutions to choose for year four. A unique programme that enables 45 students to gain three degrees from three leading research universities across three continents.


City University of Hong Kong – Columbia University

Joint Bachelor’s Degree Program

Students will earn two bachelors degrees and spend time studying in major cosmopolitan cities on two continents. There are a number of approved majors at each university that students can select from and the distinct learning environments serve to offer students a rich global experience. Successful applicants will start their experience with two years in Hong Kong and then transition at the start of their third year to New York.

Hult International Business School

Bachelor of Business Administration

Hult has 5 campuses and offers a 3 year degree programme for qualified candidates. Students select either London or Boston as their home campus and can rotate to the other home campus up to once per year, or stay at one home campus for the entire program. Every 6 week summer semester, students can take optional specialisation modules in Boston, London, Dubai, Shanghai, or San Francisco to gain broad international experience.

Utrecht University with Luiss University

International Business Economics

A select group of 20 students studying at Utrecht University can elect to spend their second year in Rome. Students can apply during their first year at Utrecht and have the option of applying for an Erasmus grant.

ESCP Europe Business School

Bachelor in Management

ESCP has campuses in London, Paris, Turin, Berlin, Madrid, and Beijing (with partner institution – Tsinghua University). Students must spend each year of the 3 year programme at a different location; language acquisition is an important part of the programme and the aim is that students will have become proficient in the languages of the campuses they have attended.


Brock University

Bachelor of Business Administration Co-op International Double Degree

For 50 students, this program includes two mandatory co-op terms: one in Canada and one in Europe. Students earn a degree from Brock University and also graduate from one of five partner institutions: Lancaster University (UK), Neoma Business School (France), EBS European Business School (Germany), ESB Reutlingen University (Germany), or Dublin City University (Ireland).

SKEMA Business School

Global Bachelor of Business Administration

SKEMA has seven campuses across the world; Students can start their studies in Sophia Antipolis (south of France) or Lille (north France), Raleigh (USA) or Belo Horizonte (Brazil). There are also campuses in Suzhou (China) and Stellenbosch – Cape Town (South Africa). There are also multiple double degree options.

SP Jain School of Global Management

Bachelor of Business Administration

Over four years, students will study in Mumbai/Singapore (Year 1), Dubai (Year 2) and Sydney (Years 3 and 4) graduating with an Australian degree and may be able to apply for a post-study work visa for up to two years.


Toulouse Business School

TBS Bachelor in Management

TBS has campuses in Barcelona, Toulouse and Casablanca and allows students to choose where they would like to spend each year of their degree according to language preferences. By the end of the 3 year programme, students will have had 12 months of professional experience and in their 2nd year can also spend a semester studying at one of TBS’s extensive list of partner institutions.

ESSEC Business School

Global BBA

ESSEC has three campuses: France, Singapore and Morocco. There are multiple different tracks on offer as students progress through their degree, but students are able to spend time in multiple countries (including those of 175+ Global BBA partner institutions), develop language skills, and gain extensive professional experience through internships and a 1-month humanitarian or social work project. Courses on the Rabat campus are taught completely in French.

Glendon College, York University – Emlyon Business School

International Studies & Business Administration Dual Degree

Students start with two years at York University’s liberal arts college on its flagship International Studies program, before moving to France for the next two years of this unique interdisciplinary experience. Students get lots of real-world immersion through completing internships, part-time jobs, and other hands-on experiences to develop professional skills and contacts.


Loyola University

USA/Europe Double Degree in Business

Open to first year Loyola students, this immersive programme at the Quinlan School of Business enables students to study for two semesters in Spain, one in Rome, and then spend their remaining time in Chicago.

Northeastern University

Bachelor in International Business

Well known for its innovative international programmes, Northeastern offers its business students the opportunity to study in one or more foreign countries and gain work experience in the US and abroad through two or more co-op education assignments. The D’Amore-McKim School of Business has an extensive range of business concentrations and students study abroad at partner institutions in Brazil, France, Ireland, Japan, Mexico and Spain – choosing a year-long deep immersion, or instead spreading their time over multiple locations.


University of Toronto, Scarborough

Management and International Business Program

UofT’s only international undergraduate business programme requires students to complete both an international study term and a work term abroad (in addition to two domestic work terms). Students can study at one of the university’s extensive list of partner institutions, including: National University of Singapore, Hong Kong University, Lund University, University College London, Warwick University, or Mannheim University in Germany. Each year only 40 students are selected for this prestigious programme and successful applicants are considered amongst the top scholars at the University.

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