I was fortunate to spend a week in Prague in October 2022, hosted by a consortium of Prague’s elite universities. I had the chance to visit six of the leading public universities offering programmes taught fully in English and was impressed with both the quality and range of study options available to international students.


Why Should an International Student Study in Prague?

Prague would suit students who are looking for a high quality education and living environment for a low price. The ideal applicant knows what they want to study and has the independence, self discipline and international experience to thrive in an academic environment where they are supported, but not excessively ‘parented’.

  • Prague is a beautiful, clean city located in the very heart of Europe offering easy access by train, bus or budget flight to the rest of the continent. It is also considered a very safe city with one of the lowest crime rates in Europe.
  • There is a very wide range of courses offered in English with 100s to choose from across bachelor, masters and PhD programmes. Each university tends to be very specialised in a chosen field, for example: life sciences, economics, chemistry, or the performing arts.
  • Students can have a very high quality of life for a low cost when compared with many other countries globally. Tuition fees are very reasonable and students living in student dorms and budgeting carefully could manage on an average of 5050 Euros per year – including food, dorm room, books and transport.
  • Students get to start studying in their chosen degree field from day one. This suits students who have a really clear idea what direction they wish to take and are ready to specialise without spending their time having to take general education requirements.
  • There are excellent employment opportunities, especially in Prague, and especially in the technical fields. Many international companies have hubs in the Czech Republic so students often gain paid internships during their studies which lead to full time work upon graduation. All graduates of a Czech university have the right to work in the country following graduation and the city has some of the lowest unemployment rates in the world. Knowledge of the Czech language is helpful but not essential.

7 Public Universities in Prague

Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague

No undergrad courses in English

Academy of Performing Arts in Prague

  • A leading educational art institution in Central Europe established in 1945
  • Located in the historic centre
  • Approximately 1,500 students – around 150 international
  • Three independent faculties: theatre, film & TV, and music & dance
  • Small group teaching and very low student to faculty ratio – individualised approach
  • Students are tutored by experienced and highly respected professionals
  • Highly selective admissions process

Charles University In Prague

  • Established in the 14th Century, Charles University is the oldest in central Europe and the most prestigious in the Czech Republic
  • Amongst top 2% of universities worldwide
  • No central campus – university buildings are spread across the Prague and two other cities
  • 51,000+ students
  • 11,000+ international students – 130+ countries. Lots of exchange students.
  • 17 faculties with programmes in all fields in both Czech and English (except engineering or art)
  • Over 200 English taught programmes
  • Excellent English-taught medical programmes for international students across five medical faculties
  • Students should be independent and highly motivated

Read the full profile of Charles University here.


Charles Technical University in Prague

  • The oldest technical university in Central Europe
  • The main campus is well connected to public transport and just 15 minutes by foot from Prague Castle
  • Around 17,400 students
  • 3,700 international students from 100+ countries
  • Focus on research and strong industry connections and collaborations
  • 50+ programmes in English
  • 8 faculties offering programmes in: Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Architecture, Transportation Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, IT, Business Studies, Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering
  • Professional pilot programme – one of the cheapest in Europe and graduates can apply for an EU pilot’s licence.

Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague

  • Park-like campus accessible by public transport from the city centre
  • 4th largest public university in Czech Republic
  • 21,500+ students
  • 25% of students are international
  • Six faculties and one institute -10 bachelor programmes in English
  • Undergraduate programmes are three years with the option of an additional masters in two years
  • Most sustainable institute in the Czech Republic – edible garden, inset hotel, beehives, wetlands, solar systems, composter, and llamas!

University of Chemistry & Technology, Prague

  • Largest university focused on technical chemistry in Central Europe
  • 4,000 students
  • Courses in Chemistry, Technology, Business and Engineering
  • 9 three year bachelors programmes in English
  • Offers lots of experiential learning opportunities in state-of-the-art labs
  • 20:1 student to faculty ratio
  • 98% employment rate
  • 20% international
  • 3 year programmes + 2 years for masters
  • Students are required to be confident and hardworking with a very solid foundation in the STEM subjects

Prague University of Economics & Business

  • Established in 1953 as the leading Czech university in the fields of management and economics
  • 4 English-taught three year bachelors: International Business, International & Diplomatic Studies, Business Administration, and Economics & Public Policy
  • Main campus in the city centre
  • Around 14,000 students
  • 3,000 international students – 25% of the student body
  • 250 partner universities worldwide – lots of opportunities for student exchanges and double degree programmes. One semester can be spent abroad.
  • Lots of industry connections to support students with finding internships and jobs after graduation

If you are interested in studying in Prague or another top global destination, get in touch for a free discovery call to find out how Sarah can support you in reaching your academic goals.

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