Founder: Sarah Wilson

To live and study overseas is one of the greatest learning experiences a young person can have. I speak from experience: at 8 years old I found myself living on my first university campus on the other side of the world – at the Australian National University in Canberra.

Since then I have lived on multiple continents and have spent the majority of my adult life outside of my birth country. Like many of the families that I work with, I understand what it means to be frequently ‘in transition’ and to be continuously adjusting to new environmental, social and cultural norms.

Before founding The Global Faculty, I worked in international education for over 20 years. I graduated with an MA (hons) from the University of St. Andrews and also hold postgraduate qualifications in Person-Centred Counselling, and Career Development and Guidance. I am a graduate of the IECA Summer Training Institute and have completed classes in college counselling for international students at UCLA with distinction.

I am a trained CTI Co-Active coach and use techniques from this powerful methodology in my work with students, especially as we are exploring what future path might be right for them before beginning the application process. My background as an English specialist is particularly valuable in my work with students on their essential application documentation, and also in honing their ability to ace interviews.

I have considerable experience working with homeschooling and online learning students. Most universities are very open to admitting students with less traditional academic profiles and I can guide families in making sure that all their experiences are presented fully and effectively.

I am a Professional Member of the IECA – the only one based in Scotland and one of only two in the whole of the United Kingdom. I am also an IACAC member, serving on the Membership Committee 2023-25.

I work 100% remotely.

My Clients

The majority of my clients are living internationally and are looking to explore higher education options in a range of different countries. I work with students who are attending mainstream schools or who are homeschooling.

​My students are ambitious global citizens; they go on to attend highly respected schools and universities all over the world. Many speak multiple languages and have friends from a diverse array of different cultures and backgrounds. They study, work, find internships and explore gap years across the globe. You can read some of their stories on this page.

I enjoy working with every single one of them and often learn as much from them as they may do from me. I consider it a privilege, and a great responsibility, to help to guide them successfully towards the next stage in their life.

My Approach

I believe that finding the best fit for your academic, social and environmental needs comes through developing a deep understanding of who you are; it is my role as an advisor to help students build this self knowledge. We are then able to use this insight, and my knowledge of the array of higher education options that exist around the world, to construct a well-matched list of institutions to apply to.

The foundation of my work is focused on a student’s individual needs and on nurturing their personal growth and development throughout the application process. I do not believe it has to be a stressful process.

I very much like getting to know my students and their families, and we spend a lot of time talking so I can develop an understanding of who the student is. To work successfully with me, students have to be willing to enter into these personal conversations and also be open to considering institutions that may not previously have been on their radar.

Success Stories

  • "From the first time we met Sarah her vast knowledge and international experience were evident. She made what could have been an overwhelming process manageable and guided us skillfully through each stage. My daughter has grown in confidence throughout this year and is now excited to start university at one of her chosen universities in Canada. Thank you!"

    Mother of an international homeschooled student, South Africa | University of British Columbia
  • "I have always dreamed of going to university in the US, but the process just seemed so stressful, especially from where I was living in Laos. But Sarah was there to help me through every step and I feel like I learnt so much about myself from our conversations and the work on the (never ending) essays. She really got me to question who I was and what I really wanted. Now I am here at college I feel that all that work was worth it because it feels like a good fit."

    Student from Laos University of Southern California
  • "Sarah was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. We were clueless as to where to start and she helped us gain a clear sense of direction. She clearly loves working with students and always responded quickly to our many questions. We were very happy with her services and are glad we made the decision to work with someone who knows what she is doing. Our son is now very happy studying in the UK."  

    Expat family in Malaysia Imperial University, UK
  • "When I first started working with Sarah I thought I had a plan about where I wanted to study, but she encouraged me to think outside the box and consider a wider range of options than I had before. She shared some great resources to help me and I got so much support with my motivation letters and CV - my writing skills really improved which will be a real advantage when I get to university. She has lived all over the world so also has a lot of wisdom to share about dealing with things like homesickness."

    Student from Bali, Indonesia University College Utrecht
  • "I’m not the most organsied student so Sarah helped loads with getting me motivated about my applications and made sure that I had regular deadlines for all the Common App and supplementary essays. It was great to have her to keep me on track and I really enjoyed our chats - I learnt a lot about life, as well as how to get into college! I got lots of good offers and am really happy to be starting college in the US in September."

    Student from India | aerospace engineering at University of Colorado Boulder
  • "Both of my sons worked with Sarah and as a family we were extremely happy with her services. She responds very promptly to questions (there were many!) and we really appreciated the regular deadlines to keep the boys focused on all the essays and documents that had to be prepared. As an expat herself, she was also able to give us a lot of valuable advice about moving to a new country and how to help my sons settle into university life successfully. We would recommend her to work with."

    Family from Istanbul, Turkey Studying at universities in the US


I take professional ethics seriously, and abide by the ethical standards of the professional bodies I belong to:

IECA Member Logo 4-C+Type

I am also committed to my professional development and each year participate in a number of international courses and conferences, including: the annual IACAC conference held in the US; the Council of International Schools regional conferences for university counsellors; and the summer institutes and monthly webinars offered by the IECA. I travel frequently to visit university campuses and meet with students and staff.


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