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Based across two quite different Dutch cities, Leiden is the oldest university in The Netherlands and highly respected globally for its innovative academic programmes. There are 14 English-taught programmes to choose from, some offering a unique twist on traditional subjects.

Like all Dutch research universities, Leiden is well suited to those students who are independent, academically focused and adventurous, and who are willing to speak up and get engaged in very student centred and interactive classes.

The Leiden University College also offers a more liberal arts and sciences style experience based around the theme of Global Challenges and is a good fit for students who wish to be involved in community action and make a difference in the world.

  • Established 1575 – oldest university in The Netherlands
  • Comprehensive, large-scale research university
  • Over 31,000 students
  • 4,000+ international students / 130+ nationalities
  • Top 100 ranked university worldwide
  • Not campus based. Faculty buildings spread across two cities: Leiden and The Hague (10 minutes apart by direct train). Creates close-knit learning communities.
  • Leiden: very mediaeval and traditionally Dutch, culturally rich – 13 museums, 20 minutes from the beach and Schipol Airport (direct train), population of 130,000, student city.
  • The Hague: International City of Peace, Justice and Security, lots of NGOs, criminal courts, where the King lives, urban, multicultural, population of 524,000, 20 minutes by tram to the beach, 30 minutes to Schipol or Rotterdam airports.
  • Steeped in history and tradition, but also highly innovative.
  • Focused on making an impact on society or scientifically.
  • Unique programmes or traditional programmes with a unique twist.
  • Have to apply to a specific programme.
  • Students are generally not allowed to transfer between programmes – have to withdraw and start again at Year 1.
  • 14 English-taught 3 year bachelor programmes / 30-60% international students on these programmes.
  • 11 Programmes delivered in Leiden: Archeology, South and Southeast Asian Studies, Dutch Studies, English Language and Culture, Linguistics, Art History, Philosophy, Psychology, Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology
  • 3 Programmes delivered in The Hague: Security Studies, Urban Studies, International Studies, Political Science: International Relations and Organisations
  • Over 60 languages on offer
  • Students on the Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology programme also learn how to be documentary journalists
  • International Studies is the largest programme and unique in Europe. Students become an expert on one of eight world regions, study a language, and explore the history, economics, culture and politics of the region
  • Leiden University College The Hague: liberal arts and sciences based on the theme of Global Challenges, 6 majors, residential honours college of 600 students.
  • Student-centred, interactive classes, many programmes are inter & multi disciplinary
  • Leiden suits ambitious, academic and independent students, interested in inter and cross cultural exploration, adventurous, self responsibility is expected
  • Eligibility: based on diploma equivalency. Full IB / 3 academic A Levels at Grade C or higher / American HS Diploma, GPA 3.5 out of 4 + 3 APs with scores of 4-5 / +40 other diplomas from around the world are accepted
  • There is an accepted subject list for A level and AP courses – on website.
  • 2 programmes are more selective (Numerus Fixus) – Political Science (IRO) and Psychology. Deadline 15th January. Grade average + online assessment + motivation letter for Psychology.
  • Leiden University College has a holistic application process. Deadlines 1st Dec or 1st April. Grades + letters of motivation + letters of recommendation + interview. Minimum 30 points IB.
  • Some programmes have a mandatory matching exercise to see whether students are a good fit. For the students benefit but non-binding.
  • Deadlines range from 1st Dec to June 15th depending on the student’s nationality and programme.
  • 100 Euro application fee for up to three programmes + extra 50 Euros for LUC application.
  • Student wellbeing is a big focus – Warm Welcome Service (will collect you from the airport) and Orientation Weeks, International Student Network, 2 student centres: Plexus and The Beehive, Academic Support, Study Advisors, Careers Service, Diversity Office, Housing Office
  • Lots of support, but students have to ask for it – must be able to self advocate.
  • Many student organisations and special interest groups, diversity and inclusion organisations
  • Students are responsible for finding their own housing – start early!!
  • Tuition fees: 2,209 Euro for EU/EEA 2022/23 (1st year reduction of 50%) and 12,100 Euro for non EU/EEA (more for science and medical faculties)
    EU/EEA can access tuition fee loans and non EU/EEA can apply for The Holland Scholarship – 5,000 Euro per year.
  • Part time work of up to 16 hours per week for non EU/EEA students
  • Living expenses 800-1,200 Euro/month
  • Does not accept FAFSA

Applications to Leiden should be made through Studielink (opens October 1st) – check deadlines for individual programmes on the university website.

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