• Private American liberal arts university, not-for-profit
  • Founded in 1962 – the first American university in France
  • 1,100+ students from 100+ countries – a very diverse and international student body
  • 50% US students – 30% Europe – 20% rest of the world


  • City campus – urban feel.
  • Spread across seven buildings
  • 7th Arrondissement on the Left Bank – 15 minute walk to the Eiffel Tower, 5 minutes to the banks of the Seine
  • Paris as a classroom


  • Instruction is in English but students must demonstrate proficiency in French prior to graduation
  • 4 year programmes
  • Same semester schedule as the US
  • 13:1 student – faculty ratio
  • Small discussion-based classes, close student-faculty interaction
  • All undergraduates complete the Global Liberal Arts Core Curriculum (GLACC) requirements which include: science, English, French, maths and the completion of FirstBridge: an interdisciplinary first year course + experiential learning + a Capstone project
  • 26 majors across 11 academic departments
  • Can double major and double minor – students can make up their mind once they have arrived
  • Strengths in Art History, Literature, Creative Writing and the Humanities
  • Global Communication is a very popular major, as are International Business and Comparative Politics
  • AUP is not so focused on science, engineering or pre-med – the humanities and the social sciences are the key focus
  • The PPE programme is modelled after the University of Oxford course
  • Lots of students are interested in fashion, fashion PR, and marketing – can major in Global Communication or International Business and then minor in fashion
  • An impressive range of paid internships – eg. US Embassy in France, Google, BBC Worldwide, Chanel, Vogue, Sothebys, Human Rights Watch, UN Environmental Programme, and many more. Many internships lead to job offers upon graduation.
  • A Global Talent Brochure is created and sent to organisations – then they come and recruit.
  • Study trips 40-45 a year, led by faculty, linked to specific subjects but anyone can go as long as it fits in your schedule – eg. ones at the weekend. Financial aid is offered for these trips. Examples include: Rome, Cairo, Auschwitz, Fez, Iceland, Frankfurt Book Fair for literature students, studying sustainability in Sweden
  • Lots of opportunities to study abroad for one semester. Eg. University of Cape Town, University of Oslo, University of East Anglia (UK), Franklin University Switzerland, The American University of Beirut, and others.
  • Many non academic trips – cultural excursions. Eg. opera or theatre trips
  • The Global Professional Skills Programme is a signature programme and supports students to develop core capabilities in 4 areas: leadership, cultural fluency, professional development, and personal development. Students generate a co-curricular record (CCR) which registers their activities during their time at AUP and the connects to the transcript they receive upon graduation. Students can earn a GPS certificate after completing workshops, training sessions and a final project.
  • The Career and Internship Team hold workshops and seminars throughout the year
  • Global Mentoring Program connects AUP alumni with current students for holistic and career-based guidance over one semester.


  • Common App or AUP application
  • Documents include: personal statement (650 words), supplementary essay, list of activities, two letters of recommendation, transcripts, English Language tests
  • ACT/SAT is optional – except for homeschooled students who must take ACT/SAT/GED
  • Supplementary essay is 300 words. Make AUP specific, rather than Paris specific.
  • What they are looking for: well rounded students, have taken rigorous courses, travel and intercultural exchange, French and other foreign languages, Unweighted 3.3+ GPA, education and career goals
  • Fit is most important. Are you going to adjust to living overseas? Are you adventurous, open minded, looking to get out of your comfort zone?
  • Early Action – 15th November
  • Priority Admission – 1st February. Students are recommended to apply by this date
  • Regular Admission – 15th March
  • Can apply for Fall or Spring admission
  • $50 application fee


  • AUP financial aid form mandatory for all students
  • Over 4.5million Euros in financial aid per year
  • Around 50% of students receive aid
  • Top scholarships are about 15,000 Euro
  • Automatically considered for merit scholarships – notified in acceptance letter. Max 5,000 Euro
  • Estimated total cost of attendance = 53,170 Euro (2022)
  • Tuition = 33,920 Euro (2022) including health fees
  • Need-based aid – must complete a tuition award application. Average award is around 33% of tuition, most do not get over 50%
  • Very limited number of 100% tuition scholarships for exceptional students
  • US citizens and permanent residents can obtain US Federal Aid and private loans


  • Housing is guaranteed for all 4 years
  • Must live in 1st year unless have family or connections
  • New residence halls, or home stays, most popular is apartment style – fully furnished, full kitchens (no meal plan), everything is included.
  • Max 30 minutes commute from campus. The standard option often offers a more authentic experience separate from school and is also cheaper. Living alongside normal French people, authentic vibe
  • To live in 7th around 2000 EURO per month


  • More dinner party than frat party
  • Sophisticated and cultured student body
  • Clubs for food, wine society, travel, culture, fashion, refugee volunteer work, sustainable fashion, some sport – most are more casual
  • Intensive orientation support on arrival – 85% of students come from outside of France
  • Pick up from airport on free shuttle
  • Week of sessions – eg. bank account, cell phone, tours
  • Have an advisor for the whole year to help navigate living in Paris
  • AUP is very intentional about opportunities for students to interact with each other
  • New students are taken on a trip shortly after arrival – eg. Burgundy


  • Students can work up to 18 hours per week
  • Eligible for one year work visa – there is an advice office dedicated to helping with this process
  • Students have access to the French health system – get up to 15 mental health counselling sessions per semester

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