• Large public research university
  • One of nine undergraduate campuses that make up the University of California system
  • UCLA has the largest enrolment, but is smallest in terms of physical footprint
  • 30,000+ undergraduates – large but tight-knit community
  • 12% international from 90+ countries
  • Politically liberal
  • Overall superb faculty, first-rate academics and an athletics powerhouse
  • One of the most selective public universities in the US


  • Very diverse city and state – diversity is a real value of the university
  • College town vibe in a city centre location – sandwiched between Bel Air and Beverly Hills
  • Westwood neighbourhood is bustling with 15 movie theatres, coffee shops, restaurants and shopping
  • Beautiful 419 acre campus – lots of gardens and landscaping
  • North campus tends to be liberal arts focused, south campus is STEM
  • Beach (5 miles), mountains and Hollywood are all within easy reach
  • Many students ride a bike for transportation


  • 200 fields of study
  • 125+ majors / 90+ minors
  • Many students purse multiple, and often diverse, disciplines
  • Apply to a particular school or programme
  • College of Letters and Sciences – chosen major has no bearing on the admissions decision
  • Speciality programmes – Engineering, Music, Nursing, and Theatre, Film and Television (most have supplementary applications)
  • Intense academic environment, particularly in STEM
  • Strong programmes across the board, but particularly: Economics, Sociology, Biology, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Political Science, Maths, Engineering, and Film.
  • Economics, Sociology, Biology and Political Science have the highest enrolment
  • Arts and Media programmes amongst the best in the world – first rate School of Theatre, Film and TV – students can study in Verona, Italy with the Theatre Overseas Program.
  • Research is a huge part of the UCLA experience across all faculties – two undergraduate research centres: one for the sciences and one for arts, humanities and social sciences
  • Top 10 in US for federal research funding
  • 6,000+ research projects taking place at any one time across the campus – creating new knowledge with faculty is a key goal
  • 57% of undergrad classes have fewer than 20 students, but some classes can have 300-400


  • UC Application only
  • UCLA received more applications than anywhere else in the US – 100,000+
  • Every application is read at least twice
  • Holistic review: academic achievement, personal qualities, potential to contribute to campus life, achievement in academic enrichment programmes, other achievements in areas such as performing arts, athletics, community service, etc.
  • Students may apply to whichever of the nine campuses they like – separate fee for each
  • Grades are self reported – a transcript is not submitted until after acceptance
  • No recommendations
  • No interviews
  • Do not consider SAT or ACT for admission or scholarship purposes.
  • Personal Insight Questions (PIQ) – choose 4 out of 8. 350 words max. The best responses = authentic. What do you want UCLA to know about you? Write in a language that you feel comfortable in. No gimmicks. The priority is helping admissions to get to know you in an insightful way.
  • Sophomore + junior year are used to create the UC GPA
  • 3.4 min GPA for out-of-state students
  • The context of an applicant’s school is very carefully considered – what opportunities were available, and did you take advantage of them? Applicants should be looking to take the most rigorous curriculum available to them.
  • Very committed to the transfer process – focused on community colleges within California
  • Max 18% of students can be from out-of-state/international
  • Generally don’t grant deferrals unless for military service or extenuating health circumstances
  • Do not use demonstrated interest in any way
  • Legacy is not considered
  • Accept TOEFL / IELTS / Duolingo
  • Admissions decisions released in late March


  • Merit scholarships average $5,600 each
  • 300 athletics scholarships in 21 sports
  • Estimated nonCalifornia resident cost = $68,474 (2021) for tuition and costs if living in UCLA residence halls.


  • Very residential campus – a big part of the UCLA experience
  • 3 year housing guarantee
  • 48% of undergrads live on campus
  • Faculty-in-Residence Program
  • Residential Learning communities for students with shared interests
  • 15 dining halls, restaurants and snack bars – the food has a great reputation


  • 1,200+ student organisations
  • NCAA Div 1 – students/alumni have won more than 260 Olympic medals
  • Many big-name entertainers, speakers and political figures come to campus
  • Lots of live music and theatre
  • Volunteer Day is very popular – 8,000+ students take part
  • Very entrepreneurial campus with lots of business start ups
  • 3 day summer orientation for incoming 1st year students – workshops, counselling, introduction to campus, early class registration

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